Sunday Morning Groups

If attending a small group class on Sunday morning is your style, we have several options for you.


There are great options for adult small groups if you are an early riser. These classes meet in the main building on the 1st floor.
Rooms                               Ages___
102, 103, 105, & 106    Age 60 & Up


We offer several young adult groups, as well as youth, and children small groups. The children meet in the Family Life Center. The youth and adult groups are located in the main building. These young adult groups have a mixture of married couples and singles, ages from 20-40.
Rooms          Ages      
105             Married

207   Young Adult, Married & Career

209              40 – 60

210             College


There are even more adult small groups offered in the main building with these classes having a range of ages from 50-80.
Room          Ages      
101            65 & Up
102           All Ladies
103            65 & Up
104            65 & Up
105            50 & Up
107            50 & Up