F260 Reading Plan

What is the F260 and Who Should Use It?

The F-260 is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple should know. After failed attempts of reading through the Bible in a year with previous discipleship groups, Pastor Robby Gallaty (Replicate Ministries) created a manageable plan that believers who never read the Bible before could complete.

How Does It Work?

The plan expects believers to read 1 or 2 chapters a day for 5 days each week, with an allowance for weekends off. The 2 off-days a week are built in so you may catch up on days where you’re unable to read In order to digest more of the Word. The F-260 encourages believers to read less and to keep a H.E.A.R. Journal.

H.E.A.R Method

The H.E.A.R. journal has been designed to help readers take away one thought from their daily reading and apply it to their life. The acronym H.E.A.R. stands for Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond. It is our prayer that this simple four step method will help you connect with God as you read His Word.

H-Highlight – Select a verse that stands out to you. Write down the verse as well
as the reference.

E-Explain – In a few sentences, describe context of the verses (Who wrote it?
What is happening?)

A-Application – In a few sentences write down why exactly this verse spoke to
you and how you plan to apply it to your life.

R-Respond – Simply write out a prayer seeking wisdom and strength from God to
help you apply what God has revealed to you in your time in His Word.

Sample H.E.A.R. Entry
(Robby Gallaty, Growing Up)

Read: Philippians 4:10-13
Date: 11-30-13
Title: Secret of Contentment

H (Highlight)
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

E (Explain)
Paul was telling the church at Philippi that he has discovered the secret of
contentment. No matter the situation in Paul’s life, he realized that Christ was all
he needed, and Christ was the one who strengthened him to persevere through
difficult times.

A (Apply)
In my life, I will experience many ups and downs. My contentment is not found in
circumstances. Rather, it is based on my relationship with Jesus Christ. Only
Jesus gives me the strength I need to be content in every circumstance of life.

R (Respond)
Lord Jesus, please help me as I strive to be content in you. Through your strength,
I can make it through any situation I must face.

Download the F260 Reading Plan:

F260 Reading Plan (PDF)

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